Laurel Oak Children's Center

Where Children Love To Learn!


At this age, children are beginning to prepare for elementary school. As professionals, the teachers at Laurel Oak Children's Center provide a structured learning environment to help prepare each child for a successful future in elementary school.

We recognize that all children have individual rates of development, as well as individual interests and learning styles, and will adapt to each child's needs.

Our preschool teachers provide the children with an intriguing environment that shows learning can be fun.

As children grow the development of each child's personality is becoming more and more evident. By focusing on the positive aspects of a child's behavior, teachers promote an atmosphere that allows each child to grow at his or her own pace.

Activities such as recognizing the alphabet, beginning to read, working with numbers, exploring arts and crafts, and refining hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills are used by Laurel Oak Children's Centers teachers.